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150 years of history you would not expect...

The beginning of a great adventure

In 1862, Armand Roger and Charles Gallet, both partners and brothers-in-law, entrepreneurs and visionaries, decided to create Roger&Gallet in the heart of the City of Light, Paris.

Roger&Gallet invented hundreds of cosmetic products: soaps with various characteristics (superfine, extra-fine), tooth and mouth cares, face cares (almond pastes for the complexion, beauty vinegars), make-up products for the face (and for . ... veins), hair cares with hair lotions and the very first hair gel called "Tenax", lip cares with "Rosat pomade", the ancestor of lip balm, and many others...

"Avant-garde by tradition" was the House's signature. Through innovative and luxurious products, Roger & Gallet created a unique and exceptional universe of scents, care products and perfumes. Today, the brand still draws its inspiration from this heritage.

From Aqua Mirabilis... to Eau de Cologne

At the end of the 17th century, there was an extraordinary water called "Aqua Mirabilis", obtained from the distillation of 18 officinal essences cultivated in Jardins des Simples. The "Aqua Mirabilis" was a remedy that could be drunk and applied to the body. It is from its formula that the original Jean Marie Farina Eau de Cologne was formulated.

It became, over time, a body product for daily use that was rubbed in to disinfect when bathrooms were not yet widespread. Finally, thanks to its delicious, sophisticated, and very fresh scent, this water became a perfume.

Its iconic bottle called "Emeri bottle" is still sealed by hand. Today, the Eau de Cologne is the iconic and founding product of Roger&Gallet. Many manufacturers have tried to imitate the original Eau de Cologne, without success.

Round Soaps

In 1879, Roger & Gallet created the first round perfumed soap, which allowed a better prehension and remained perfumed until the last use. They are still presented in their original style, and made "in the cauldron". The secret recipe for the soap base is built on naturally occurring ingredients: a method first described in 1907 by the Marseilles master soap maker Merkien, guaranteeing an ultra-soft texture to the soap.

Even today, the four essential stages linked to this technique are respected, meaning 80 hours of manufacturing for each piece. Authentic Roger&Gallet soaps are always presented in their original format (sealed with the House seal, wrapped in sun-pleated silk paper, in elegant boxes), and remain fragrant until the last use.

The round soap is nomadic. Round soap is suitable for all skin types. Round soap is always made according to the rules of the art! Round soap is ecological and economical: with a 100% vegetable base, it is biodegradable and only 100g of soap are needed for a hundred showers...

French Elegance

All our products are manufactured in France. The House has conquered the world by spreading the "art-de-vivre" the Paris way. All our fragrances are created by French master perfumers, our bottles are invented by great French designers and our boxes are decorated with poetic artistic illustrations.

1923 "Le Jade" - artistic collaboration with René Lalique. A revolutionary artist, admired or labelled as eccentric, René Lalique aroused an extraordinary craze from the courts of Europe, to artistic and industrial circles throughout the world. As a master glassmaker, he created precious and sublime perfume bottles for Roger&Gallet. The collaboration with Baccarat, the world's most famous crystal designer, has become over time the embodiment of French excellence.

Royal Court Suppliers

Over more than 150 years, Roger&Gallet has been developing timeless products, with a special attention to detail and excellence, enabling us to become the official suppliers to all the royal courts. Jean Marie Farina created a scroll-shaped bottle for Napoleon, an absolute fan of the Eau de Cologne, which he could slip into his boots.

1809: supplier to Napoleon I 1809: supplier to Napoleon's sister, Pauline Bonaparte 1814: supplier to the King of Prussia 1826: official supplier to King George 4th of England 1835: official supplier to Louis Philippe King of the French 1840: official supplier to H. M. Queen Victoria 1841: official supplier to H. M. Queen Louise of Belgium (daughter of King Louis Philippe) 1864: supplier to Napoleon 3rd Emperor of the French

1936: Official supplier to H.M. King George 6th of England Until 2000: Official supplier to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II of England.

The commitments

All our boxes are made in France with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper. The paper and wood have been sourced to be environmentally friendly and eco-responsible.

Nature is at the heart of each product, with up to 95% of ingredients of natural origin, many free of parabens, silicones, dyes and mineral oils. All products contain 100% distilled precious essences with beneficial properties proven by time and science. Body lotions, creams and precious body balms: all these Roger&Gallet products combine effectiveness and pleasure with an incredibly soft finish.

All our Fragrant Wellbeing Waters bottles are made with 25% recycled glass.

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